The Complete Guide to Mindful Habits

9 Steps to PERMANENT Change

This book actually takes you by the hand and shows you how to create amazing habits in your life, and completely stop the bad ones- permanently.

Here are a few highlights from the book:

See exactly how to create any habit you want with ease
The best way to stop bad habits- without looking back
Discover the real reasons people develop habits, and how to change yours effectively
Unlock the secrets to great habits, and how to create them effortlessly
How to create your life in a way that will bring you the best results

What other gorgeous, creative souls are saying:

Carol Bailey Floyd:

For those of us who have been weighed down sometimes by the “stories” of our lives, and who have often let those stories define our daily living — this is our book! How exciting to understand that we are creating new stories every day, with every choice we make and by our habits. I have long been interested in habits and how we make them, break them, and beat ourselves up over how we handle them.

This refreshing and empowering look at how we can make habits our friends, makes exploring choices easier and more fun. It is very simply written, with clear directives. You might want to buy two, because you will probably want to start giving copies as gifts!


Barry Rowland:

Belle, simply and masterfully, channels profound truths – leaving readers with a greater understanding of their humanness, and the power of the mind body connection. She gives us permission to dismiss what we perceive as our weakness’ and change one fun moment at a time. By teaching us how to stop reinforcing our old “stories” and create new, more positive and powerful, beliefs, Belle guides and encourages us to become the person of our dreams. This book took me from a feeling of despair to hope in a matter of hours. A concise, fun read, its definately a contemporary of Allen’s “As a man Thinketh”.


Jenni Cox:

This applies to me, my life right now! Thank you for the permission to change my perspective about what I am doing, and why I am doing it. It is so easy to get stuck, to become a passenger in our own lives, instead of actively deciding that I am indeed sitting in the driver’s seat! I am the captain of my choices – how exciting and energizing!


Shannon Falkenstein:

People really need this and you have made it so straightforward, so simple, so concise and no nonsense. THANK YOU.”


PLUS: To help you stay on track, I’ve included in the book a printable Mindful Habits Cheat Sheet. You can take it with you, pin it up above your desk, or tuck it in your bag for easy reference. This isn’t a “read it and forget it” book, it will be forever changing your life and your habits to what you really want!