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Who Do You Want to Be?

You’ll never become the person you want to be if you don’t get clear on what that person looks like. As you know, holding a mental image of what we want with the intention of making it true in our lives produces powerful results.

“[I]ntention increases the probability of affecting physical matter.” -Scott Jeffrey, Creativity Revealed

Getting a clear picture of your ideal self is important. Too often we think of what we don’t want, which is a gross waste of our powerful, creative consciousness.

Ask yourself a few good questions (and feel free to add your own! I’d love it if you’d add them in the comments) to get a clearer picture of the YOU that you truly want to be:

How do you want your health? How do you want to feel, act? What do you want to eat and drink? How often would you like to move your body?

“The body appears to be largely self-motivated and independent, yet it actually responds only to the intentions of the mind.”  -Dr. Helen Schucman,  A Course in Miracles 

How do you want to be emotionally? Do you want to be even-keeled, or bubbling? Do you want to react negatively or positively to all situations?

How do you want to be spiritually? How do you want to feel about your spirituality? How often do you want to feel connected to Source?

“Intention energizes willingness, which thereby enables transformation to replace the limitations consequent to resistance.” -Scott Jeffrey, Dissolving the Ego

How do you want to be mentally? How would you like your brain to perform? Your memory?

“The discovery that one is really the source of thinkingness reveals that one is not really the victim of the mind, but rather the originator of the phenomenon by virtue of intention and desire.” -Scott Jeffrey, Dissolving the Ego

How do you want your finances to be? How much would you like coming in? How well would you like to manage it? How much of it would you like to save?

“Our thought is the unseen magnet, ever attracting its correspondence in things seen and tangible. As we realize this more and more clearly, we shall become more and more careful to keep our minds set in the right direction.” -Prentice Mulford, Thoughts are Things

How do you want your relationships to be? How would you like to treat others? How loving do you want to be?

“Whatever feeling you are giving about the relationship is exactly what you will receive back in the relationship. If you’re feeling joyful about the relationship most of the time, you’re giving love, and you must receive love and joy back through that relationship because that’s the frequency you’re on.” -Rhonda Byrne, The Power

What do you want your life to look like? When you get clear, you get what you see.

“I’m now asking you to reflect on what it would feel like to be happy, content, satisfied, and at peace. What would you envision for yourself if you were to create a new ideal of you?” -Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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  • JeanG.

    How do you see yourself functioning in your vocation? Do you look forward to each morning of going to your workplace, wherever that might be, and completing your goals with joy? Yes, visualizaton of our true self…can be accomplished mentally, or tangibly, e.g. by clipping pics from magazines/books of what we want to be, which, of course, all returns to mentally. “Your mind controls your body.” -F.Jordan

    • Belle

      Love those questions! and of course one of my favorite quotes! Thank you<3<3

  • I love these questions! May I use some of them in my upcoming “What’s Next” course I am launching for June & July? Thanks for the reminder to keep my visions front and center – they’ve taken a backseat lately! xoxo shannon

    • Belle

      Absolutely! What’s mine is yours, dear friend. I can’t wait to see your course!

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