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Creative Spiritual Women

Permission Slip:

About the author: Crystal’s journey to her life of creativity and spirituality allowed her to reach levels of love and success she never thought possible. As a result, she’s fiercely devoted to sharing resources, guidance and wisdom with others.

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  • LOVE it!! Happy 2012!

    • Belle

      Happy 2012 to you too, Lorinda! ♥♥

  • maria

    This year Muses heard my calls and they told how to get closer to their followers on earth.. that is how I found you! Thank U for your wonderful lessons! I just want to recover certainty on my creative power, silence EGO and open the eyes of my heart! So I can find a job and have stability and income. besos from Mexico

    • Belle

      How beautiful Maria! I’m so glad we’re connected through the Muses! I’m sending powerful energy your way for work that pays you well and delights you at every moment.
      Loving you!

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