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New! I send you… Printable PDF

I’m astounded by the success of one little post, “I Send You…” It has shown up on sites all over the globe, and it’s by far my most popular post. As a “wow!” and “thank you” I took a few minutes today to wrap it into a PDF that you can print.

Click here to download.

Get the Book:

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  • Carol Bailey Floyd

    I have come to think of fear as my friend. It lets me know when I need to be paying attention. And if I don’t start becoming aware, and doing something about whatever is happening, then my fear will get bigger and bigger and it can get out of hand. But when it first comes knocking, I try to remember to stop and try to figure out (usually by writing in my journal), what it is I need to be recognizing and dealing with. Fear can be horribly destructive when we let it take over. I like your idea of staying in the now — that is very workable.

  • This is so you, Belle. The very essence of you – and if that’s traveling around the globe, then it is a very good thing!

    Love to you… and thanks.

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