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Mindfulness Printable Cards

Dearest souls,

I am so overwhelmingly grateful for you. Since I started writing here, you have flooded me with love and joy. Your emails inspire and delight, your comments absolutely send me into bliss. I am so enjoying this interaction with you, this forum of loving energy for creative, spiritual women (and men!) that my heart is overflowing.

I want to give you something…

So many of you have said you’re printing out the posts, printing out the little images with quotes I create. I thought I’d make it a little bit easier and send a printable card PDF of all the quotes on the site so far, plus two new ones:


You can download the Mindfulness Printable Cards PDF here. If you have it, they’d look fantastic on cardstock, but of course regular paper is good, too!

Thank you for enriching my life, dear friends. I am beyond grateful for you.

Love you,


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About the author: Crystal’s journey to her life of creativity and spirituality allowed her to reach levels of love and acceptance she never thought possible. As a result, she’s fiercely devoted to the women who have made the same trek, and is passionate about sharing resources, guidance and wisdom of the creative path with others. Connect with her: @CrystalBelleP on Twitter

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  • Marie

    What a delightful to ease into a new week – sigh – thank you

    • Belle

      Thank you for being here, for commenting, for your presence Marie! I am so grateful for you. ♥

  • Sally

    Your printable cards are so very lovely. They are exquisite and inspirational. You are amazing…and your creativity is beautifully contagious!
    Thank you!


  • Tina Tierson

    Dear Bell – I’m overwhelmingly grateful for YOU! You can’t imagine how you help me to become the me I want to be. Much love! (Can’t wait to get cardstock later today to print out the amazing cards! Thank you!!!!

    • Belle

      Thank you Tina!! I am so honored & grateful! ♥♥

  • LOVE THESE!! Printing them tomorrow! xo

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