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Longing for the Light

Sun Drenched

“In reality a darkness altogether different from natural night broods over the land. It is the psychic primal night which is the same today as it has been for countless millions of years. The longing for light is the longing for consciousness.” -C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

We live in a time of incredible light. I’m meeting more and more souls who are light-filled, present, loving, and conscious of the fact that they are souls having a human experience.

To me, it feels like the earth is flooded with the light of consciousness. I am drinking in all the resources, teaching, meditations that are available to us. But I suspect, just like a man who has been underground too long would squint at the tiniest light, that we’re only experiencing a candle-flicker of what is to come.

I welcome the sun.


  1. It does seem that more and more people are walking out of darkness into this positive, brilliant energy. It’s quite beautiful and I am very aware of more and more and more who are sharing this light. I hope it is only a flicker. I am ready to dance in the sunlight!

    • We will, I just know it! Thank you for your comment, I’m bookmarking your website now! Hugs, Belle

  2. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful way to think of this…

  3. Isn’t it a miracle when you meet a kindred spirit, and you know it immediately? You know that the light of your world has been brightened, and you can look forward to mutual creative exploration? Hooray! Sometimes thing just crystalize in miraculous ways!

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