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Let’s Create

Lately I’ve had a little case of inner-critic-itis. I’ve been believing those thoughts that say, “don’t even try, it won’t be good enough” and “it’ll never be perfect.”

Once I realized I was thinking them, I laughed, because once you know what you’re thinking, you become the observer of your thoughts. You become awareness itself. And you can change what you’re thinking in the blink of an eye- and therefore change your life.

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”  -Norman Vincent Peale

So instead of listening to those voices…

Let’s create.

Let’s go out on a limb.
Let’s do what’s beautiful, what’s art. Let’s make art with the passion of making love.

Let’s come alive again. Let’s feel our magnificence coursing through our veins. Let’s be messy and imperfect. Perfect is no longer wanted or needed. There’s no time for perfect. We have to push it out now. We have to put our pens to the page, our fingers to the strings and strum. We have to sound bad, crazy, even completely wrong to be all right.

Let’s go, let’s do this. Let’s make what our hearts are calling out for. Let’s get messy and be imperfect. Let’s roll around in our imperfection. Let’s flaunt it at life, at critics, at inner critics who say, “you can’t” and “it’s not good enough”. If we want to, if we’re having fun, then it’s not just good enough- it’s AMAZING.

Tell me: what are you holding back from making?

What are you afraid to start?

What would you do if you could silence all the critics, inside and out?

Tell me, and then go do it. We’re in this together. Let’s be messy and imperfect creators.

“To say a thing ‘must be’, is the very power that makes it.”  -Prentice Mulford


Image Credit: Painting by pennuja on Flickr

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  • ALexis

    This is delightful. A perfect way to start the new year. I have been holding back from starting projects which I am now reevaluating even though they may be done imperfect!

    • Crystal Belle

      Hooray for imperfection! I hope you share your perfectly imperfect projects with us!

  • Emma

    These words are the answer that God has sent me to my frequent mumblings about “I want to do my photography but it’s not as good as …..”. Thank u 4 allowing us to share in ur own doubts. Emma

    • Crystal Belle

      Hooray! Congratualtions for following your heart, Emma! I can’t wait to see your photos!

  • These are just the words I needed to get my act together now that I have only myself to think about the world is my oyster. Thank You

    • Crystal Belle

      It absolutely is! And you are the pearl! I love your blog. Sending you encouragement during your time of healing. If you feel down, ever, reach out here. You’re not alone!

  • Thank you Crystal!!! I have something I want to do but I have been hearing “the voices” which stop me…I really needed to hear this! Let’s create!!! Thank you for your inspiration!!!


  • yes, Yes, YES!!!

    LOVE this post. This is how the world really changes. Through women expressing and creating! Thank you for being our beacon of truth and fearless leader Crystal. You rock!


  • I so needed to see this today. I need to create photos, art and write even if it is imperfect. Even if I struggle right now with a new dslr camera and learning to work it on manual and am confused by shutter speed and F-stop and all of those things that need to be in balance for a good exposure. I can’t fail, because it is all learning. That is the mantra I use to quiet the inner critic.

    Thank you so much for this post. It was just what I needed to see today.

  • Karen Starr

    I LOVE this!! Thank you for the zap to my senses…

    Here’s to life as art!

    Here’s to living out loud!

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