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I send you…


I send you energy to complete your tasks. I send you vision to see the big picture, the whole project and how it will impact the world, as well as clarity to visualize the details and endurance complete them all, one at a time.

I send you time. A few extra minutes here, a half-hour there to work on your goal. I send you love and support to encourage you to stick with it, and energy and stamina and devotion to get back to it, over and over, even when you feel like doing something else.  I send you confetti and balloons for your completion, and celebratory chocolate and hugs and a massage when you’re winding down after. I send you a second wind after you’re finished, so you don’t stay stationary long,

I send you a trampoline for your new ideas to bounce off your completed project and take it to new heights.

I send you magical doorways and secret hatches for your journey, that will take you exactly where you need to go when things appear to be wrong. I send you magical glasses that show you the secret gratitude in the hard times, that show you compassion in the faces of your enemies, glasses that show you an oasis of encouragement when the terrain looks barren. I send you a magic cloak that makes you feel supported and protected even when you’re uncomfortable, and restores your faith even when you believe you’ve lost everything.

I send you a support team of creative, spiritual women who are available to you anytime you need them for advice, encouragement, protection and love.

I send you a magic wand inlaid with all the gems of the rainbow, that delights you and catches the light and helps you turn any situation into a fun, happy place to be.

I send you gentle reminders that you are loved, that when you are gone we miss you, that we need your gifts, that what you give to the world will be returned to you hundredfold, in ways you never thought possible.

I send you the strength, power, courage, and comfort of every creative, spiritual woman on earth. You are one of us. Welcome.
Image by CecillePL on Flickr.

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  • Oh my gosh I LOVE this… sharing on Facebook…. Thank you!!!!

  • Belle

    <3<3<3 Thank you Kerilyn!!

  • Absolutely love & need this page!! Bookmarked for *those* days to remind me & keep me going. Thank you Belle!!

  • Jean

    Thank you, Belle…have been scrolling around your wonderful CSW site and came across this “I send you” again…and realized how it speaks to us no matter what our age or cirumstances. As I get older I sometimes think that the door is closed on some things, as been there done that…but then a little voice says…hmmm but is it? If we want them to, doors will open…at any age! Love and blessings….

  • Bella Sera

    Amazing post ~ thanks so much!

    • Belle

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Bella! And, beautiful name! =)


  • Kim

    Isn’t it funny how you come across the perfect bit of inspiration just when it’s needed the most?

    I send YOU heartfelt thanks for this beautifully written post!

    • Belle

      It is perfect! We always have exactly what we need- I LOVE that about the universe!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment Kim! I appreciate your presence so much.


  • Lovely, simply lovely. Many thanks;)

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