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How to Kill Your Doubts and Fears

We all have hundreds of excuses why we can’t create something.

“I don’t think I’m ready”

“I’m not good enough”

“They’ll think less of me”

“I won’t do a good job”

“I don’t feel up to the task”

Can you see the ego in these statements?

We understand that we are all one. We know we are all manifestations of the same consciousness. We are all “children of God” or “seekers of the light” or “spiritual beings having an earthly experience” or whatever phrases we use…

But then we turn around and say, “I’m special. I’m different. I am not like those people. I am not good enough. I had a different childhood. I process things differently. I don’t have the training. I don’t have enough ____. I’m not as smart/pretty/funny/outgoing/driven/creative as he is.”

Translation: “My ego is happy in it’s delusions of specialness. If I do that thing, I might succeed, or I might fail, but it crushes the idea that I’m different and quite frankly, I like having my ego in control.”

“I can’t create/write/try X because it wouldn’t be good enough.”

Good enough for who? Your ego, who’s too busy preening and checking its hair in the mirror to do any real work?

You cannot predict what effects your actions will have on the world two weeks from now. There is no way to know. The closest we get to knowing what will happen tomorrow is by paying attention to we’re doing right now. And if we’re doing that, we don’t care about tomorrow! Not one bit!

“I’d love to ______, but I’m just not good enough.”

Typically people who are using this statement (and its variations) are called to do that very thing, and they’re denying it. Those that have no desire to do a thing don’t need to justify why they don’t.

“Oh, but I’ve done that before. I know it will be bad.”

These statements of “oh, it wouldn’t be good enough” and “well, nobody would like it” are egoic. So, your ego only wants to do something if it’s guaranteed fame and recognition, huh?

Change Your Focus

Here’s what your ego doesn’t want you to know: that thing you feel called to do might help one person.

Isn’t that “enough”?

Not for your ego.

When you’re wrapped up in “how it will be received” and “who will think it’s good” and “who will tear it apart” and “how many people will ignore it” you are firmly rooted in the ego.

Ego says, “It might get rejected.”

Unconditional Love says, “This task is mine to do. Nothing else matters.”

Ego says, “Who says your actions can even help anyone?”

Unconditional Love says, “If I feel called to do something, that’s my only job. Not knowing how it will turn out is perfect, because I can only live in this moment, anyway.”

Ego says, “Aren’t you afraid people will laugh at you?”

Unconditional Love says, “What other people see and do is not my concern. What I put out in the world is what I get back, so as I do this thing with love and presence, I can only receive love back.”

Ego says, “Don’t waste your time doing something that won’t turn out.”

Unconditional Love says, “Anything I do happily, present in this moment has already turned out, I don’t need a story of “success” or “failure” to attach to it.”

“Perfectionism is selfish. We don’t have time for you to be perfect. We need you in action now.” -Jen Louden (thanks to Marianne Elliott for sharing this on G+)

Answer the Call

If you feel called to do something, whether it is writing, or speaking, or giving someone a hug, ignore your ego and focus on the idea that this task you feel compelled to do might help somebody. If you were that somebody, you’d be grateful for you! You need to do this for them, even if you never meet them, never know them, never know how you may have helped.

That’s truly loving the world. That’s being the change you wish to see. And every time you act in Love, your ego gets smaller and smaller.


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  • Rose Rilling

    Your quote really resonnates with me – we really don’t have time to be perfect. I hadn’t thought ot that at all.
    It will motivate me into action, TODAY.,
    Thanks and blessings to you.

    • Belle

      So grateful! I am thrilled to know you’re out there creating instead of waiting to be perfect- because you’re perfect NOW. =)
      Love you!

  • JeanG.

    Thank you, Belle, for another “thinkful” CSW message! (Oh, if there isn’t such a word as “thinkful” perhaps there should be? :) “Anything I do happily, in this moment…” “…every time you act in Love your ego gets smaller and smaller”…. And, thanks for another very very lovely picture along with your message! LovexxBlessings

    • Belle

      I love the word Thinkful! I think Dr. Seuss would love it too! Thank you for your thinkful thoughts;)

  • I’m feeling thinkful and happyful, too after reading your piece! You present some very good concepts, and I agree with you 100% Love , Carol

    • Belle

      Thank you Carol! I so appreciate your input, your presence is so special to me.


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