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How to Find & Share Your Gifts with the World

We need you. We need you to listen to your heart, to do what you truly desire, and to share your gifts with the world.

By not doing what you love to do, you’re preventing your incredible gifts from going out into the world and helping, inspiring, and loving others.

We need beautiful illustrators. We need amazing jewelry makers. We need your words of inspiration and your beautifully patterned scarves. We need your coaching when we’ve moved to a new city, or when we’re just getting through a tough time. We need your love in the world.

If you’ve been putting off doing what you know your heart is calling you to do- please, please start today. Start now.

How To Get Started:

1. Find your gift.

Ask yourself, “If I could do anything right now,  what would it be?”

You may have to ask yourself over and over. You may get different answers the more you ask. I have found a wonderful little pattern of wanting to do certain things fairly often (writing, taking walks) and other things filter in and out, sometimes not lasting long at all (writing about a certain subject, exploring something new, calling someone.)

Whatever it is, you can do some part of it now. If you only have ten minutes, you can sketch a pattern for a new scarf, write one answer to a common coaching question, take a walk around the block (or around the room), etc. There is some little step you can do right now, no matter where you are, even if it’s just deciding what that step is going to be.

2. Get a clear picture of who needs your gift.

With this gift, who would you help? “I can help women look stylish and accessorize with a great scarf.” “I can help women move past their issues with food.” “I can help people organize their closets without it feeling like a chore.”

When you have a clear vision of someone you can help, you move out of the space of doing it for you and begin doing it for them. Now someone is depending on you. People need you. I need you. I’d much rather buy an attractive scarf than make one. I’d love to be wearing a gorgeous cuff bracelet right now, but I haven’t found the right one. Where are you? You will always find more people who appreciate what you do than you thought.

3. Know that people will benefit from your gift.

It’s not always easy to get over the idea that no one will want what we have to offer. This is a great lie of the ego. The ego wants to keep us “safe.” When the ego thinks about you spending time creating something to put out into the world, it gets scared that the world will reject it. The ego is irrational. At worst (and I do mean this in the most loving way) if what you’re putting out there isn’t of interest to others, they will ignore it. No harm done, right? But our ego amps up these horrible situations where we’ll be ridiculed and shamed. These are just stories- and absolutely untrue ones. What you have to offer, someone, somewhere needs and wants.

4. Know that if you don’t do what you love, you’ll never feel satisfied.

Here’s where the ego gets really irrational. By trying to keep us safe, our ego tells us all these stories of what might happen if we do that thing, put ourselves out there, put our heart on our sleeve and just do what we love for a while. What the ego doesn’t know, doesn’t understand, and absolutely can’t comprehend, is that by keeping you “safe,” it’s making you miserable. All your unhappiness stems from not doing what your heart desires. We settle for doing what we “should” do, (we should finish folding this basket of clothes first, we should have jobs with benefits, we should be good partners, we shouldn’t rock the boat) we create lives of unhappiness and pain.

The absolute best thing that ever happened to me was realizing that when I’m doing what I want to do in this moment, I create a life of happiness I never thought possible. And that doesn’t mean I spend my life laying on the couch eating cupcakes (though I do that too occasionally!) it actually means I give myself the freedom to make a difference. To work on things that mean the most to me. To help the people I love. To ignore the “must-dos” and society pressures and actually live.

I don’t have to stuff myself with food when I feel the completeness of life within me. When I’m ignoring that call, though? I am impulsive. I reach for the same things we all do to try to fill that void. I catch myself wanting to “zone out” and “just get by.” By simply shifting focus, by saying, “Wait, no, this isn’t what I want, what would make me feel alive right now, what do I really want to do?” I move out of that space of reaching for something outside myself, and I find it infinitely inside. It’s satisfaction in its purest form.

I want you to feel it too. We need what you have to offer. Please- start now.


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  • Great article! I shared a link to it on my blog today at http://tischd.blogspot.com. The message here is too important not to share.

    • Crystal Belle

      Thank you so much Deborah! <3

  • Erin

    I’m Deborah’s daughter. :-) Thank you for this practical wisdom.

    • Crystal Belle

      Erin, I LOVE that you’re both here! What a beautiful, sacred honor. I heard from another mother/daughter duo yesterday that read the site- I’m astounded! Thank you for being here. <3<3

  • All I can say is” Yes, Yes, Yes!”

    (And “I’m working on it!!”)

    • Crystal Belle

      All you have is this moment! Thank you Lorinda! <3

  • dottie goebel


  • Wonderful. I could not agree more! Let’s love ourselves ladies (bodies & all) and get our there with our greatness:)


  • Hey Crystal,

    I loved the point that if I don’t do what I love, I would feel deeply unsatisfied.
    That’s the biggest reminders when the mind tells us “i’m not ready, i’m not good enough, who cares?”

    I’ve written a semi poetic motivational piece about the same subject called “It’s not about you. So, start sharing your gift.”

    Would love your feedback:


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