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How to Fail Like a Genius

“I can’t do that. What if it doesn’t work?”

When you think something might work and you try it, you’re doing exactly what Edison, the Wright Brothers, Einstein, Ben Franklin, and (name your favorite historical figure here), did. You’ve created a “what if?” and tested it. I cannot tell you how exciting, challenging, creative, and intelligent that is.

So why do we berate ourselves for failing?

Our society has conditioned us to blame those who fail- even if they’re back on their feet, trying again while we’re slinging mud at their door.

“He lost seven million dollars”

“She missed the gold medal by an eighth of a second.”

“She yelled at her kid in front of the whole store.”

“He lost another job.”

“They’re getting a divorce.”

There are so many things that we’re conditioned to believe are failures. In the examples above, when’s the last time you or I made seven million dollars to lose it? Have you ever competed in the Olympics? I haven’t. I also haven’t met the perfect parent who knew exactly how to handle their children (who also actually had children). The genius, the magic, the celebration is in the fact that you tried.

We’re so darn afraid of failing we don’t try anything at all. But what does failure really feel like?

I’ll tell you.

It feels like, “Oh, that makes sense, now that I’ve done it.” and “I wonder if this will work instead?” and “Wow, that was fun.” and “Let me tell you what I’ve tried…”

Failure is a blessing.

Failure is not something that should be shamed and blamed, but celebrated. When you’re trying something, you don’t know how it will turn out. If you knew, you wouldn’t need to try it (or you’d make a calculated move to achieve exactly the result you want.)

When you do something and it doesn’t work, you learn why. Failure inspires you to do something else, to tweak this or that. Imagining failure has none of these benefits. Imagining that you’ll fail just makes you fearful and stuck. But real failure will inspire you.

Failure is genius.

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  • Kimberly

    Thank you for this article… You’re right… Failure is genius. I needed this! You Rock! <3

    • Belle

      Thank you for taking the time to write, Kimberly! <3<3

  • Dana Ronevich

    With the way I have been feeling about my new position at work lately. I have been feeling like a failure because I am learning the position from the very beginning. It is something completely out of my comfort zone but, I am trying, it is just very challenging and new. I want expand on my abilities, it has just been an emotional rollercoaster at this time. But, if I had never tried, I would never know how much I am learning.

    • Belle

      BRAVO Dana! It is so humbling to start from the beginning (our sensitive egos don’t like it at all!) but our spirits see the incredible value and love in trying, in moving and growing and changing and accepting what is- even when what we’re facing is “not knowing”. That’s beautiful, and I applaud you! I know you will receive incredible rewards from your hard work.
      Deepest love and gratitude,

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