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How to Clear Your Mind & Find Peace Now


Since falling in love with this moment, I’ve developed a profound love and connection with the thinker behind my thoughts, the Consciousness that does the thinking, acting, being. It’s the Spirit, that which is in All. This is the place we nestle into in meditation, the place we truly love from, the very seat of who we truly are.

As a result of spending more time in that place, I’m painfully aware when the light of that Consciousness is obscured. I feel foggy and distracted, not grounded, not present, not focused, unbalanced, and out-of-sync. It’s painful, and my goal is to quickly get back to peace.

“There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace?”  -Peace Pilgrim

Our thoughts are like clouds floating past the sunlight of this Consciousness. While thinking has its purpose just like the rain clouds have theirs, when we spend too much time thinking and not enough time with the Thinker, the clouds obscure the sun and we feel “dark.” Our precious projects struggle to grow. We yearn for peace and the light of understanding. Negativity seems to abound in our lives. The sun is not “gone,” just obscured by the clouds of thoughts and emotions.

It is important to know that these thoughts are not bad, and to feel bad about them is to bring more negativity into the landscape. We need simply to clear the clouds and bask in the sun to renew, regenerate, and revive ourselves so that we can use our thoughts mindfully instead of letting them build up further.


How to Clear Your Thoughts:

1. Recognize that thoughts are almost always “past” and “future.” Anytime we’re replaying an event that happened (under the guise of “figuring it out” or “trying to learn from it” or “reliving a memory”) or projecting a thought into the future (under the guise of “being prepared” or “plan for every outcome” or “hoping for the best”) we are completely obscuring the light of Now. Thinking about the past is only re-creating it now, and thinking about what hasn’t happened yet is futile and robs us of the power of now.


2. Reconnect with this moment. When we return to what is here now, those thoughts immediately begin to float away. As we go about our day, past and present thought clouds will filter in. Whether or not we choose to pay attention to them determines whether or not they’re allowed to stop and stay or simply float on, unnoticed.

This moment is incredibly powerful. It is being fully here that we can act, love, create, and simply be the marvelous beings that we are. Our light is allowed to fully shine!


3. Find the Light.

“For light I go directly to the Source of light, not to any of the reflections.” -Peace Pilgrim

Our ego tricks us by making us believe that thinking about the past or future is beneficial.  “I need to plan for that,” “Those were the good old days.” “Remember when she said that? I’ll never trust her again.” “I don’t see him changing.” These are merely “reflections” of the light. What is truly the Light is consciousness, the Spirit, the Love that is in all.

It is not necessary to sit in stillness and meditate to find the Light. We can connect with that inner Consciousness anytime. This has been the most valuable lesson for me. Previously I thought I’d have to meditate all day, or be some sort of guru or holy person to be able to stay present and mindful. I’ve blissfully found this isn’t so. I can connect with that presence while anywhere, doing anything, being around anyone.

Here’s how: Love. As I fill myself up with love, all those thoughts lose their value. I imagine myself emanating love and the light shines forth brilliantly in the present. This works whether I’m doing dishes, having a tough conversation, driving, eating, anything. When I switch my thoughts to “What can I love? How can I love more? Who can I love? What is loving about this person? How can I appreciate them more?” All negativity, all clouds, all the fog clears. The Light is truly Love- they are one in the same.

As you go through your day, practice noticing the clouds. Notice when you feel overwhelmed, ungrounded, unbalanced. Your mental landscape will be overrun with the clouds of “what if?” and “remember when?” Take a moment to love what’s here now. Your whole day will begin to change from that one moment.


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  • Awesome, just awesome. Most people believe yoga is about the poses, the body. THIS is yoga. You are a guru Belle, bringing us from darkness to light and guiding us back to the guru within.

    Continued Joy,

    • Ah! I was just thinking that this sounds a lot like yoga as I read it, too! I find yoga is a great way to actively practice love while fully concentrating on it, and then the more you do it, the more that mindfulness and love can flow into the other parts of your daily life. <3

  • I love how your write and what you just wrote. And most of all, I love how your words on self love and love to others change my today’s disposition. My head, before reading your post was full of “heavy clouds” kind of depressed and i remember crying in front of my fiance and my daughter, telling them how miserable my life is…..I even forgot that I might hurt them with a thought that I am so miserable, feeling miserable even I am surrounded by them, people who truly love me.

    Thank you and good morning!


    • Belle

      Oh Annalyn! Thank you SO much for sharing your experience here. We all have moments of negativity, and it is so powerfully transformative when we realize we don’t have to, we can switch to positivity and Love at any moment.
      ♥ Love,

  • I love how you write so clearly and to the point. The ideas you present are workable and full of common sense — when I read this, my head was nodding, and so was my heart. I am so glad you are not just thinking these things, but are sharing them with us! Hooray!

    • Belle

      I love the image of your heart nodding. You are a natural poet, Carol!


  • How special your gift is and you are! Thank you for adding the concrete points toward the end. What a great point you make: returning to love and loving what is now! Printing this and sharing! Thank you!

    • Belle

      Oh Helen, thank you! I’m so grateful for you! I learn so much from you and am honored that you’re here.


  • I love how practical you are. So clear headed and full of light.

    Thank you.

  • Susan

    Hi Belle,
    I’m new here…after a lifetime of conventional treatment for mental illness I’m astounded by the possiblity that I have power over what I’m thinking and feeling at any particular moment. I’m not quite sure how to practice mindfullness, or even exactly what it is, and I’m a rookie at letting go of thoughts of the past and future, but I have realized one thing: Whatever I’ve been doing all these years has not been working for me. I love your analogy of thoughts as clouds obscuring the light. I’m struggling to learn to let them pass, but at least I realize that grabbing each one (mentally) with both hands and wringing every drop of emotion out of them is NOT the way to go. I’m busy now devouring and relishing your every word on this site. You are a blessing!

  • Mary Ellen Neitz

    I have been posting on WLG for years but never considered myself Creative and Spiritual. As a gift to myself I decided to check this out. The Prayers from the Muses moved me and I need to ponder the wisdom that a sisterhood can offer.

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