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UBU. Pronounced “ooh-boo”, it means “You be you.”

I wish I could take credit for this phrase, but instead I will be forever grateful to the man who taught it to me. A man who unfortunately died years before his time, my ex-father-in-law, Jim, would throw out this little nugget of wisdom whenever I was questioning myself. When he knew me, I was incredibly unsettled spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and I can imagine he probably wanted to stamp this phrase across my forehead- but he wasn’t like that.

UBU has stayed with me as a personal mantra. I “UBU” when I feel like I might be compromising myself, expecting too much of my physical self, or just getting tired and frustrated. UBU means I’m allowed to be tired and frustrated, and therefore allowed to take a nap, scream a little, stomp my foot, or simply step outside and breathe.

This little badge stayed with me while I was creating this website. Strangely enough, I was terrified of creating it, for reasons that can only mean I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to and sometimes answering that call is scary.

Thanks to this badge, my header is colorful and swirly. UBU. I talk about my sheroes and my desire to create a place for women to be themselves. UBU. And here I am, sharing these three little letters with you, so maybe you can UBU, too.

If you UBU, put this badge on your blog and help another woman UBU too.


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  • marci

    You UBU. Amazing, wonderful, full of spark, and skyrocketing to your far away galaxy! AGAIN!

    I look forward to following you here, in this supportive space, with wonderful wisdom and women.


  • Belle

    I am so grateful to have you in my digital life, Marci! <3<3<3

  • UBU — I just love those simple things that I can remember when things get tough. What a marvelous tribute to Jim that you are passing it along. Thank you for this — that post and ALL of this. BIG HUGE THANKS!

    Love, Carol

    • Belle

      Carol, you are one of the best examples of UBU I can think of! Love you dear! xoxo

  • Belle, I’m certainly glad you have the UBU motto pushing you along. This site is wonderful & I’m sure it will blossom into many blessings for many women. The feeling of your design is just perfect & I’m so happy to come & visit your posts.

    • Belle

      Thank you Raven! I am SO excited to hear more about what you’re doing.

  • JeanG.

    UBU, yes, Belle, YOU be YOU! Wow, I’m in awe and speechless. I’ll be one of the many who will come to your CSW site each day…what a blessing.
    Love always..

  • Cathy Fandrich

    This is a beautiful site! It is visually enjoyable and so full of love. Thank you for your creations Belle.

  • Belle: Carol is SO correct—UBU is simple elegance and easily remembered when needed. your website is so inviting! i will add your badge to my blogroll. thank you!
    helen :)

  • Belle

    Oh Helen, thank you!! xoxoxo!

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