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Biggest Stumbling Block to Mindfulness


One of my primary intentions in life is to re-wire my brain to think loving, grateful thoughts all the time, instead of the opposite.

On this journey of rewiring my brain, I’ve run into a few issues that took some creative thinking to get through. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I’ve run into (really, slammed my shins into it in the middle of the night and grumbling, “where did THIS come from?”) is this:

Forgetting completely that I actually want to do this.


As hilarious as it sounds, sometimes I’ll “wake up” after a week or more of completely forgetting that I want to be loving and grateful. Usually, it’s something painful that wakes me up, that says, “Hey, you’re living life the old way and it doesn’t feel good. Do you want to stay on this track?” Then I am so grateful for the pain because it showed me where I was steering wrong!


To remember, I use these tools:

    1. Visualize yourself remembering.  

Now here is a key: you want to make it real and present in the realm of your consciousness. You don’t say ‘I’m going to do such and such’ – it already has happened. Now, is consciousness real? It exists and it is very powerful. The idea is to have this mesh between your consciousness – your visualization – and the so-called material world.
– George Leonard

See it done. See yourself remembering. See in your mind’s eye the moments that you would typically forget, and see yourself remembering instead. Doesn’t that feel amazing? I love changing those old patterns and doing things differently. I feel so powerful and present and alive. (For more fun reading on rewiring your brain, read Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”)


            2. Put up a visual reminder.

Tape up a beautiful quote on the door of your closet, set a desktop or phone wallpaper that reminds you of what you want.  I’ve had “What do I really want to do right now” up on my laptop for ages, and every time I see it I remember that I get to choose. Pick a reminder that makes you feel full of love and happiness. Sometimes, we choose reminders that feel heavy or guilt-ridden, like one more task we have to do. This shouldn’t feel heavy at all, it should feel light and absolutely wonderful.


When I was going through a particularly tough time and wanted constant reminders, I downloaded a reminder app for my phone, and programmed loving quotes to pop up several times a day. That didn’t work for me long term (I started turning off the notifications without reading them) but it was a great way to surprise my mind for a couple of days while I needed extra support. Be mindful of when your reminders stop working, and switch them out for something that speaks to you again.


            3. Associate remembering with joy, fun, happiness, peace.

I love remembering to love because it feels amazing! I love “waking up” from unhappiness to remember that I can choose something else- I can choose love and gratitude. It’s so incredibly powerful. No one told me I have to do this, no one decided for me that it needed to be done. It’s just me and my loving thoughts, spreading through the world!

When you come from this place of loving how you want to be and act, it becomes a joyous game to return to that place. You’ll challenge yourself to find ways to return to mindfulness, and laugh (instead of feeling angry or disappointed) when you find yourself off the path. It’s a joy to return, again and again, and this beautiful life affords us so many opportunities to love!


What creative ways have you returned to mindfulness, to living the life you want instead of letting your thoughts go on autopilot? Please share below!


Crystal Belle


Image by Nanagyei on flickr.

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  • Amy

    Hi Belle,
    We love what you are offering and would love to interview you to share your message (and your book – which we have and love) with our community. We hope to hear from you!
    Amy and Sarah

    • Crystal Belle

      I am thrilled! Yes and yes:) Contacting you by email.

  • Thank you Crystal Belle, I think we all suffer from that kind of forgetfulness and it always amazes me that i’ve gone off track with my desired intentions of mindfulness AGAIN :) I set my phone as a reminder hourly, a little beeb that stills me and reminds me to check my focus, my way of being. Am I on track, do I need to redirect my day. I put up affirmations or just words that I like to paint for a colourful heart felt reminder of what i am choosing to be, have and do. Namaste.

    • Crystal Belle

      Love it! Thank you Caroline!

  • It’s a lot easier for me to remember when I spend time *on* my knees in prayer. God is faithful in all ways, in every season of life.

    • Crystal Belle

      Thanks for your input, Sandra!

  • Every morning I “remember” who I am and where I am from through my practice of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga meditation. I remember I come from a God of unconditional Love and sea of Peace. I remember I am Love I am Peace and I am Joy. I am a spirit and energy and full of light.

    • Crystal Belle

      This is the first I’ve heard of it! That sounds great Lara!

  • Beautiful Belle – thank you for reminding me of what matters today.

    Sending so much love your way.

    • Crystal Belle

      Thank you Julia! Love to you, beautiful soul.

  • When I get a bit of track I go out into my garden and do a little bit of pottering. Smelling a flower here and weeding a bit there (a flower that is in the wrong place…) sit and listen to the birds and all is then right with the world.

    • Crystal Belle

      I LOVE the word “pottering”- that just makes things line up in my head and feel just right. Connecting with nature, gardening, as you say, all is right with the world. Thank you Beverley!

  • Wonderful & thank you for the reminder! I find that my connection with all things nature (mostly animals, flowers & trees) helps me to reconnect on a moment-to-moment basis. It is easy to be loving and kind to animals and babies, it’s the adults I usually get a little stuck on. A great motto I recently read: love those that are the hardest to love because they need it the most. Hope it helps. It has for me.

    • Crystal Belle

      That is SUCH a great motto, and so true! Thank you Kimberly!

  • I so appreciate these simple steps to remember. Your writing reminds me that too often this forgetfulness happens to me, too.

    I am taking your wisdom to heart.

    Meanwhile, if I can just remember to breathe, just that one simple little thing, then I have made a small step in the right direction. Being mindful of my breath brings me back to a place of love and light.

    • Crystal Belle

      Ahh, Deborah, you alighted on the biggest missing piece to my list of ways to remember. Breath is the simplest, easiest, cheapest way that’s always with us. Thank you thank you!

  • rose

    This came as just the perfect time. Thank you my lovely Belle. My contribution to peace and centering is guided meditations. They relax me, center sometime allow me to cry, but overall, they bring peace. Thank you oh, wise one. Love you Rose

    • Crystal Belle

      So perfect, Rose. I love meditations and they’re such a beautiful way to remember. Thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing :)
    What sends me peace in every moment is to remember that my feelings come from my thoughts, and that all humans can only ever experience our own thoughts in each moment. The way for me to recognize that my thinking has gone south is how I’m feeling. And when I’m lower in my level of consciousness than I’d like to be, I remember that thoughts are transient by nature, not permanent, but temporary, always passing.

  • I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, this blog or all the wonderful comments enhancing the message! Chiming in my thanks for the much needed reminders to remember my light and love this moment by being fully present to the gifts of embodiment.

    Sweet Peace,

    • Crystal Belle

      I agree, the comments make this post! :) Thank you for yours as well, embodiment has been a huge piece for me, thanks to you!

  • Barbara

    Thank you Crystal Belle! I needed to read this this week. I also like to use that line from “A Course in Miracles”, “I can see peace instead of this.” Or I substitute ” love” or “joy”. And I try to remember to ask myself a question similar to yours: “Barbara, is this who you really want to be?” It’s good to know we are all on this journey together. Bless you!

    • Crystal Belle

      I love ACIM! What a beautiful way to remember! Thank you Barbara!

  • Thanks for the tips! I have so much going on these days it’s hard for me to remember to eat sometimes! What a nice and encouraging read to start out the day. Thanks Barbara!

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