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7 Spiritual Steps to an Awesome Business

“The goal of society in general is to succeed in the world, whereas the goal of enlightenment is to transcend beyond It.” –Hawkins

Thanks to an incredible conversation with coach and dynamite woman Shannon Falkenstein, I started writing my “guide” to building my business mindfully, spiritually, and with lots of love in a world where we’re all still trying to beat the stories of the “bad economy.” (By the way? That’s just a story. You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to.)

Here’s what I did that made my biz skyrocket and helped me get clear about what I even wanted to do:

1. Be incredibly grateful for your perfect clients and customers. I started a Gratitude Excel spreadsheet for all the people that I’ve worked with and what I was grateful for about them. I kept updating it every time I had an interaction with a client or got a new one. Not only did more amazing, perfect clients come to me, but I was also training myself to find the good in the few clients that weren’t so easy to be grateful for. I was able to record what I’d learned in my interaction with them, and loved how much more grateful it made me for the “perfect” clients that seemed like a breeze to work with. I also do this for everyone who buys a book on this site! (Yep, you’re on my gratitude list!;)

It takes awhile, especially once you start getting more and more clients and customers, but it is so worth it!

2. Ask yourself, over and over, what do I want to be doing right now? If you find yourself wanting to coach someone and there isn’t a “someone” there to coach, sit down and write out what you would say (or record yourself talking). You don’t need anyone around you to do what you love to do. If you want to design incredible posters or paint school busses or write books – don’t wait for permission, don’t wait for someone to hire you. Do it now.

Not only does this make you happy in the present (because you’re doing what you want to do) but it gives you honed skills and increased talent when that perfect client comes along.

3. Write 100 things you’re grateful for about where you are in your business right now. You’re in an incredible spot of deciding exactly what you want with your business, so start there! You have infinite opportunities and options available to you. Be grateful for everything you have, all the knowledge and skills and abilities you have. Honor you, your desire to have a business, and the spirit of the business you’re creating or growing.

4. Feel good about money. I’m using Rhonda Byrne’s advice here, because it works: give some away. Seriously, to feel better about money, lovingly give it away to where your heart tells you. You can’t afford to feel bad about money, and giving some away puts you in a place of feeling joyful and abundant. In The Power, Rhonda talks about drawing cash out of an ATM and giving $50 bills away to strangers. She also advises if you can’t do this, then visualize all the people around you having as much money as they could possibly want. Enjoy the joy you imagine they would have with all the money they need. By visualizing “giving” money, you are operating on the same wavelength as if you actually gave it.

I have a few tricks I use to feel good about money that I’ll talk about in a later post. Do what works for you. Imagine yourself feeling amazing about money, feel yourself having enough. If you feel stressed about money, change that feeling before you do any business.

5. Know that what you need will show up when you need it. If you don’t have your branding yet, don’t stress. If you’re not sure what your target market is, relax and know you will at some point. Ask the questions now, but let the universe bring you the answers in perfect time. Go where you’re guided. You’ll see an awesome business course that will answer exactly the question you’ve been asking. You’ll meet with someone who can design an incredible logo for you. You’ll run in to someone who needs someone to do exactly what you do.

Trust this, and you’ll see it even happen even more.

6. Let go of the need to get clear about your identity, brand, and target marketing. Be wholly, totally YOU, honestly you, operate your business as if it were coming from your very Self with no ego, and the people who need to come to you will be attracted to you.

One aspect of my business was created out of genuine frustration that there wasn’t anyone out there to help people do what I was learning to do. I wanted to help people because I didn’t have that help. Now, it’s a major income generator for me. I could never have sat down and “created” that brand or target market, but by actually serving that market, everything else fell into place.

Do what you love instead of worrying, and whatever you’re worried about will be naturally solved by Love.

7. Don’t believe your own story of “I can’t.” I used to have so many limiting stories about business that I created for myself. “I’m just not good at marketing.” “I hate selling.” Don’t tell those stories OR believe them. When I started “marketing” and “selling” from a true Love of what I was doing and an honest Love of the people I was helping, I became a great marketer and seller! In one of my biz groups, my “marketing” is used as an example for others to follow! All I did was Love.

Bonus: Before you sit down to do anything business-related, make sure you’re in an amped up place of love (write lists of what you love, feel yourself radiating love, visualize a strong green chakra, etc.) and whatever you’re doing will flow effortlessly.

If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them! What do you do to create an awesome business or work life that’s aligned with your spirit?

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  • Thank you for this post. This is such a perfect timing for me.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!
    I’m printing it so I can come back to it often!

  • hey! thanks for the shout out and you KNOW I love this post! xoxo

    • Belle

      Loving what you’re doing, all of it! <3

  • JeanG.

    Belle, you share a magnificent understanding of how to attain individual definitions of success. Yes, yes! Begin NOW!! What you have presented will result in awesome achievement. Your information should be where it can be referred to often. Wonderful, grateful, inspirational, helpful!!
    Warmly, Jean

  • Thanks, Belle, I <3 it! :)

  • I am so grateful for YOU Belle. It’s easy for me to get knocked out of whack by the constant inflow of information in my day.

    Here’s my little prayer that helps me come back to that place of grace when I get wobbly:

    divine light flows through my heart
    infinite and healing
    it flows through me into the world

    Helps me to remember what I’m here for.

    blessings on you,

    • Belle

      That’s breathtaking. Thank you Lisa!

  • melanie

    Wow!! Can you read my mind and know exactly what I need to hear whenever I need to hear it!! Thank you!!!

  • So needed to read this tonight. Thank you.

    • Belle

      So grateful Alisha! Thank you! <3

  • This list came at such the perfect moment. I spent a lot of today feeling bad about my business decisions and feeling bad about not having the support that I desire. I really needed to see this.

    • Belle

      Thank you for sharing this Dyamond! We are always exactly where we need to be- and can be grateful for everything about that now. What a beautiful, stress-free place to begin.

  • I received with deep gratitude and joy my first paying client this week – what I thought was months away is here and now – practicing gratitude feels quite effortless for this.

    It’s also quite scary and helping me to see hidden agreements I’ve been holding about my ‘worth’ or ‘value’ that I am now working on releasing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

    • Belle

      Congratulations Kate! That’s superb! It’s wonderful you’ve welcomed such a beautiful change and growth into your life sooner rather than later. (All we have is now, anyway. ;) Thank you for sharing.

  • More great stuff Belle. I especially like the focus on relationships as well as money. I’ve found this to be so true, that staying grounding in gratitude for the work I have gives me the foundation to grow my passion in new directions as I evolve. So cool!


  • I love it when words of wisdom come along at exactly the right time. My business coach took me back to basics a couple of weeks ago by asking me to determine my ‘why’ and my ‘who’. Why do I want to do this, and who am I doing it for? The ‘why’ part wasn’t too hard, but I’m still struggling with my ‘who’. I feel the need to be very specific, but the more I think about it, the more lost and stuck I become. Thank you for reminding me to let go, that it doesn’t have to be so tough. I’m going to start over on my ‘who’ with a blank piece of paper and see what flows from my mind.

    • Belle

      How exciting! I’m so grateful you’re in a freer, more peaceful place with this now. It can be hard when we know we “need” to figure something out, but once we release that need and just let it come as it’s supposed to, everything turns out perfectly.

  • Belle, like Mariepierre, I to have printed this out ~ I plan to make collage cards to hang, as I wrestle with getting my website up and running and ‘Just So’!

    Youre pointers are heavily loaded with all the right stuff – the things we tell our clients, it’s just now, our turn to take our own advice! Thank you, in Peace, Denise

    • Crystal Belle

      Thank you Denise! And you’ve given me a wonderful idea, maybe I’ll make up some cards for others to print! <3

  • Nikki

    Great article – really enjoyed and really helpful!
    smiles, Nikki

  • Kaweria

    Thank you for sharing. I am at the beginning of my journey. I’m so grateful to Harmony e come across your words.

  • Wonderful tips! Thank you so much. I just work on my new website where I share flower essences cards.

    What helps me a lot is to always remember what I want to give and not to think about what I want to receive or have. With this attitude everything is just flowing and growing – and fun!

    • Crystal Belle

      So true! Abundant blessings on your website, Susanne!

  • Great post, Belle! When we come from a place of love, everything flows as it should. Thank you for the solid, useful tips! <3

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