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5 Ways to Re-Connect with Your Spirit


We spend a lot of time identifying with things that are not our spirit. We live in this world of form, so naturally we spend a lot of time thinking about the things we see and connecting with that physical reality. This isn’t bad, it’s very necessary much of the time. But it’s easy to forget that our spirit is the consciousness behind the thoughts, the part of us that is our true nature.

Connecting with our spirits bring us back into alignment with who we truly are and refreshes our perspective on the world. When we start to get too bogged down with our daily stories, it’s helpful to put it them perspective of the Infinite. For me, this makes all the stories I’m thinking about during the day dissolve into nothingness, and any emotions I had attached to them become freed energy – much needed energy to be creative, present and happy.

1.    Identify the “space”

Take a moment and see if you can find the space behind your thoughts. We all have tens of thousands of thoughts a day- so don’t expect to stop them, just find and observe the space that allows them to think. The way I do this exercise is by imagining a big area where my thoughts are all flowing through- sort of a great meadow, but the “space” itself is invisible, it just exists. As the thoughts float in, I notice them, which helps me “see” the “area” where thoughts float in and out. The space is You- the real you, behind the thoughts.

2.    Radical humility

Often, our attachment to the physical world is a sort of narcissistic trait of our ego. “We” can’t give up thinking about this thing, or taking care of that thing, or being proud of this story, because it’s so important to who we are. In truth, we are who we are without a single accomplishment, story, history, future, dream or desire. When we humble ourselves to the fact that we are not our stories, we’re freed from both the negative stories and the need to tell the positive ones. We become accepting of our true selves, and connect with our spirit.

3.    Thoughts are not personal

There has been a lot of research on this, so if you’re new to this idea, do some reading up on it. We have this belief that our thoughts belong to “us” and we’re the only ones thinking them- when in fact the same thoughts can be tracked in the minds of men and women who’ve never met or interacted in any way. In fact, the HeartMath institute has found that “The heart rhythm of one person shows up in the brain wave pattern of another.” (Dr. Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.) So even the people you’re around and what they’re feeling in their hearts affects “your” thoughts! (That realization made it especially important for me to feel loving, accepting, grateful thoughts even more often and more deliberately when I’m around others.)

Don’t attach any importance to the thoughts you’re thinking. If something negative pops up, dismiss it just as you would if someone you didn’t know came up and said something completely random to you. Unless we’re deliberately using our brain to figure something out, envisioning doing or creating something, or purposefully creating our lives, thoughts are basically random, and you decide which ones you want to hang on to.

To undo the dominance of mental content, it is necessary to remove the illusion that thoughts are personal; that they are valuable; or that they belong to, or originate from, one’s own self. Like the body, the mind and its contents are really a product of the world.  -David Hawkins and Scott Jeffrey, Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self

4.    Unconditional Acceptance

We love to label things “good” or “bad”, when in fact everything is unfolding perfectly. Judgment keeps us from connecting with our spirit, because our spirit knows everything is perfect just the way it is.

Practice suspending judgment through “radical acceptance” of what is going on around you. It might help to say or think, “ I don’t understand how this thing can be perfect, but I accept that it is perfect just the way it is.”

Everything that exists is perfect and complete. Creation does not move from imperfection to perfection, as is witnessed by the ego, but instead moves from perfection to perfection. The illusion of moving from imperfection to perfection is a mentalization. For example, a rosebud is not an imperfect rose but is a perfect rosebud. When half open, it is a perfect unfolding flower, and when completely opened, it is a perfect open flower. As it fades, it is a perfect faded flower and then becomes a perfect withered plant, which then becomes perfectly dormant. Each is therefore perfect at each expansion of its expression as the emergence and unfoldment of the evolution of Creation. Thus, the illusion of ‘change’ is replaced by the witnessing of the process of the manifestation of actuality from potentiality (transition, emergence, unfoldment, metamorphosis). -David Hawkins,  Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness

5.    Be one with all

One of the fastest ways for me to feel disconnected from my spirit (and I love feeling connected as often as possible, so I notice right away when this happens) is losing, for just a moment, the truth that we are all one. This is one of the most profound pieces of my spiritual journey, and without this revelation I wouldn’t be as in love with mindfulness and presence as I am. When you look at someone, anyone, think: “My thoughts about that person are my thoughts about me, because we are all one.” “My interactions with that person are my interactions with myself, because we are all one.”

At first, it may take awhile to get used to this idea if you’re stuck in the story that someone is “better” or “worse” than you, or that someone did something “to” you. Meditate on it long enough, however, and you’ll experience a sense of peace and connectedness you never thought possible.

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  • Belle, how is it possible that each one of your posts seem to excel the one preceding it? I know what you say is true, even if practicing and keeping these things in the forefront is elusive. My understanding or acceptance of acceptance (“radical acceptance,”) is simply that there’s more going on than I can possibly comprehend or know, at the level of what I see in front of me and at the cellular, almost computational level, infinite. In my essence, powerless over so much, and free.

    • Belle

      Thank you, Garrett. I think that just by acknowledging there is so much more than we can possibly “know” to accept gives us the humility to “know how much we don’t know”. By acknowledging that gathering information on the physical plane will never be completed or even minutely mastered, we open our minds to the idea that there is a knowing-ness, or a Know-er, who is greater than the sum of all our thoughts. Amazingly, we can connect with that Know-er, and begin to see the world through It’s (or His or Her or The) eye- which sees the formless behind form. Fascinating. Thank you for bringing up acceptance- all resistance keeps us from our spirit.
      With love,

  • Belle: What you wrote about ego and humility is SO perfect for me today and for days approaching. I have been praying to release me ego to realize that I am not the picture that others’ construct through their thoughts and comments and now, after reading your post, I will expand this to include the physical attachments too.
    Thank you for sharing your gift! And thank you Garrett for the gentle nudge toward Belle’s post.
    Helen :)

    • Belle

      Thank you for sharing this, Helen. I am so, so grateful to be free from my story and the “need” to feed my ego, and I wish that peace for everyone. It is so beautiful to begin to release- true freedom. I’m grateful you’re experiencing it too.

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