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3 Quick Steps to Effortless Creativity


We are, by our very nature, creative. Creativity flows through us constantly. Yet when we strain and struggle to be creative, we’re only creating strain and struggle.

So sit back, relax, breathe.

The key to effortless creativity is simple: stop resisting it.

Creativity is as easy as breathing. Surrender to this and you allow your creative nature to shine through. And when you’re straining or stuck again, remember these steps:

3 Quick Steps to Effortless Creativity:

1. Know that you are inherently creative.

“Living Enlightenment is being intense in every moment and responding intuitively to achieve your limitless potential for creativity and joy.” -Paramahamsa Nithyananda

If we begin to believe we’re not creative, then that’s what we’re expecting and creating in our lives. Return to the truth of your inherent creativity. Feel the creative power surging through your veins at every moment. The fact is? There is no atom in your being that is not creative!

2. Don’t judge your creativity. This is the cause of so many of our “blocks.” We think we have to create in a certain way, to a certain standard, with certain tools on certain days! We’re very picky. Instead, accept whatever comes through you without judgement, only love. When you love what comes through for you, when you accept it and welcome it, you remove the blocks and enter the powerful flow of creativity.

You might find yourself getting creative about dinner- and if you let it flow, it’ll flow right through dinner and on to your canvas later. Or, you might find yourself inspired to create a treasure hunt- which will make your writing glitter with unexpected gems.

Don’t limit the ways in which your creativity longs to express itself, and you’ll find it overflowing in all areas of your life.

3. Get playful. If you’re laughing and having fun, your judging, ego nature takes a back seat. Ask yourself, “What’s the most fun and unexpected way I can approach this?” Then take yourself for a wild ride!

The trick here is to do something odd, different, or just plain immature for the sake of having fun! I promise if your first priority is to have fun, your creativity will be a wild horse you can barely keep up with. Turn dinner into a food fight, skip backwards on your way to a stuffy business appointment, make a necklace out of bubblegum “beads”- you get the picture!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  ― Albert Einstein


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  • Kelly

    Thank you for addressing the song of our soul. I often wonder why some people say they are bored. Imagine how they would feel if they took your advice and allowed their creativity to flow right through them? Nothing boring about that!

    • Crystal Belle

      So True! Thank you Kelly! Love to you!

  • Yes, we are all artistically creative, creating our own lives, making daily creations. I create today as a celebration of my life. Thank you Belle. :)

    • Crystal Belle

      Amen! Thank you for being here with your beautiful, sunshiny self :)

  • Thanks Belle! I love these easy-peasy steps to help me keep my greatness in mind:)


    • Crystal Belle

      I can see your greatness, and it’s B I G! Love to you dear friend.

  • Perfect! Thank you for the reminders. It’s all a matter of remembering who we are at heart! Blessings, dear Belle. <3

    • Crystal Belle

      Thank you Mary! <3

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