November 2011


How to Clear Your Mind & Find Peace Now

by Crystal Belle

  Since falling in love with this moment, I’ve developed a profound love and connection with the thinker behind my thoughts, the Consciousness that does the thinking, acting, being. It’s the Spirit, that which is in All. This is the place we nestle into in meditation, the place we truly love from, the very seat […]



How to Let Go & Move On (without regrets)

by Crystal Belle

  We read many, many times to confront those things we perceive as negative to allow us to move on. I don’t find this simple yet I know it is true. Any suggestions other than to release and let go? –Rose, commenting on “How to Fall in Love with Life“ I am so, so grateful […]



How to Fall In Love with Life

by Crystal Belle

 “When you fall in love with life, every limitation disappears. You break the limitations on money, health, happiness, and the limits of joy in your relationships.” -Rhonda Byrne, The Power One of the most profound changes I’ve ever made is simply falling in love with life. 


This book is a guide to creating the most amazing habits in your life, and completely stopping the bad ones- permanently. I have never read anything like it. Most books and courses on habits talk about “goals” and “accountability” and “hard work” and “blood, sweat and tears” and quite frankly, those have never worked for me. This […]



5 Ways Mindfulness Changed My Life

by Crystal Belle

It’s incredible to me how mindfulness has changed my life. When we understand on a very real level that everything we focus on we are bringing into our lives, we begin to see that there are fewer and fewer things that really deserve that kind of power. This is incredibly liberating and powerfully creative.



Enjoying the Holidays: A Stress-Free Guide

by Crystal Belle

The holidays can be a huge source of pain for even the most mindful souls. No one can “push our buttons” like family. We are never so challenged to stay present and stop carrying the stories of the past as we are when we’re around the people who have known us for years. It can […]



Are You Too Busy?

by Crystal Belle

Are you too busy? Do you feel rushed? Do you worry about getting everything done? Do you complain that there isn’t enough time in the day to do what you want to do? You don’t ever have to feel rushed again. You don’t ever have to feel anything but calm contentment and the oceans of […]


Much of the pain we have in our relationships is based on expectations. “I expect him to help me with the house.” “I expect her to clean her room.” “I expect him to call once in awhile.” “I expect her to accept me the way I am.”



3 Steps to Effortless Inspiration

by Crystal Belle

  The thought “I can’t write until I’m inspired” came up for me today. Thankfully, the moment I heard it, I realized it was not true at all!



How to Kill Your Doubts and Fears

by Crystal Belle

We all have hundreds of excuses why we can’t create something. “I don’t think I’m ready” “I’m not good enough” “They’ll think less of me” “I won’t do a good job” “I don’t feel up to the task” Can you see the ego in these statements?