October 2011


Simple Habits: 9 Steps to Permanent Change

by Crystal Belle

  We have a horrible relationship with habits. We struggle, we buy videos, we join clubs, we set our alarm clocks, we buy different foods. We have New Year Resolutions, we buy gym memberships, we buy pants in smaller sizes. We spend huge amounts of time, money and energy focusing on removing bad habits and […]



Four Steps to Feel Amazing Right Now

by Crystal Belle

At any given moment, you might have a very good reason for being in a bad mood: “I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so I’m in a funk.” “He didn’t listen to me, which made me so angry” “I am tired and cranky…” “I don’t have enough time to get this all done. I’m […]



The Simple Guide to Lasting Forgiveness

by Crystal Belle

We’ve all been there. Someone says something harsh, or forgets something important to you, or doesn’t act the way you expect them to. Sometimes, we might even perceive that they’re actually out to get us, hurt us or manipulate us. In the worst cases, we’ve hung on to unforgiveness for years, believing that if we […]



Our Attachment to Thoughts

by Crystal Belle

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”  -Buddha



Four Stories to Help You Be More Present

by Crystal Belle

The reaction to The Emotion That’s Killing You has been far greater than I could’ve possibly imagined. It’s led to incredible exchanges online and offline, and I’ve been given a deeper and more profound glimpse into why we are so attached to our grief, and why that post in particular hit a chord with so […]



The Truth About Fear

by Crystal Belle

I believe it’s impossible to be fearful and be present at the same time. Presence, as I define it, is living fully in this moment. Smelling the air here, right now. Feeling the temperature on my skin, here, right now. Seeing the people around me here, right now. Standing on the earth, right now. Hearing. […]