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New! I send you… Printable PDF

I’m astounded by the success of one little post, “I Send You…” It has shown up on sites all over the globe, and it’s by far my most popular post. As a “wow!” and “thank you” I took a few minutes today to wrap it into a PDF that you can print.

Click here to download.

How to Fail Like a Genius


“I can’t do that. What if it doesn’t work?”

When you think something might work and you try it, you’re doing exactly what Edison, the Wright Brothers, Einstein, Ben Franklin, and (name your favorite historical figure here), did. You’ve created a “what if?” and tested it. I cannot tell you how exciting, challenging, creative, and intelligent that is.

So why do we berate ourselves for failing?

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Understanding the Dark Night of the Soul

Rainbow at dusk

A dear friend of mine and I were talking about our “dark nights of the soul”. We’d both experienced them fairly recently, and the emotions were raw and the memories still fresh.

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