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Prayers to the Muses

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Gorgeous soul,

I created a little ebook from the depths of my heart. It’s so raw and personal, I can’t bear making it an “ebook that I charge for”. So I’m giving it to you, free.

I’ve been attracted to the Muses for quite some time. I began writing little prayers to them in my journal throughout the day, asking for help, showering them with gratitude, and crying out to them with frustration. It’s been an incredible release for me.

Recently, I read The Aeneid by Virgil, and now I’m reading The Odyssey by Homer. These are two of the oldest books we have access to. I was shocked and surprised to find them petitioning the Muses in the middle of their books! (But Spirit works that way- I’m interested in the muses, why wouldn’t I be led to read these ancient texts?)

These two ancient authors both petitioned the Muses in their works, right in the middle of their verses. Homer opens The Odyssey with,

“Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns…”
“Launch out on his story, Muse, daughter of Zeus, start from where you will- sing for our time too.”
-(From Robert Fagles’ translation)

Start from where you will… working with the Muses is a collaborative effort. When I trust them to bring their work to the page, they show up alongside me.

My connection with the muses has deepened my work, grounded me, and given me a secret delight in my writing I didn’t have before.

Muses, I know my greatest work
Will come from my deepest sense of play.
Help me find the joy, the spark, the wild
Childish abandon in my art today.
Help me move like water, sing
Like birds, dance like leaves
Falling from the great oak.
Can you come out
And play?

-Belle Pirri

I would love to know how the muses inspire you, how this book affects you, and how your creativity ignites under the precious spark of these ancient creatures.

Download it here.

Sending you my dearest friends,


How to Process Big Emotions

How to Process Big Emotions
1. Get Big Paper. When thinking about how I would work through some of my emotions, they felt huge and overwhelming. The only way I could see to get them down was on a big sheet of paper. I use a big white craft roll and lots of markers, starting with a big sheet and pulling out more paper from the roll as I need it.
2. Write “I am ANGRY” (or sad, or frustrated, or afraid, or…) in the center. (I started with “I am ANGRY”, since that was my prevailing emotion.)
3. Write everything in the world you’re angry/afraid/sad/etc about. Write big, small, haphazardly, or in pretty colors. Just write everything you’re feeling, no matter how black, how un-ladylike, how scandalous, how ridiculous, how small. “I am angry because I can’t control…” and “I’m angry because I wish ____ would….”
4. As soon as you’re prompted to start a new emotion, do it, and go back to each one as needed. I ended up with a big panel each for “I am angry”, “I am afraid”, and “I am empowered.” (Writing my angry emotions lead to a feeling of empowerment. I’d be interested to see if that happens for you, too.) “I am afraid if I don’t…” “I’m afraid ____ will…”
5. Keep going until you feel better. This was incredible cathartic for me. I put on some music, spread out on the floor, and started writing. All the weird fears that have popped up that I hadn’t acknowledged came out. All the little things I’ve been angry about but ignoring are out there in bright markers.
6. Pay attention to the one-offs versus the recurring themes. There is no emotion too small to acknowledge, so write them all down- but you might notice that you have a recurring theme of being undermined at work, or are constantly fearful about a simple thing you can change, now that you can see it’s a major issue for you.
7. Go forth and make a difference. Pay attention to your emotions. Are they motivating you to act? Take a little step and see how it feels. You’ll make a difference and you’ll feel better.

Own Your Story by Carissa Paige (on Etsy)

The Search: Guest Post by Kerilyn Russo

The post below is from Kerilyn Russo, who graciously offered to write for us here. I can relate to Kavanaugh’s poem- I think you will, too.


Kaua'i - Princeville: View from St. Regis Princeville Prince Junior Suite Lanai

The Search by Kerilyn Russo:
I’d like to start with a deep and humble bow to the beautiful mama to be Belle for allowing me the opportunity to speak to you all today about something that has been keeping me quite occupied most of my life. Most likely, it’s something you’ll recognize within you as well.

The search.

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