August 2011


Prayers to the Muses

by Crystal Belle

(Click the book.) Gorgeous soul, I created a little ebook from the depths of my heart. It’s so raw and personal, I can’t bear making it an “ebook that I charge for”. So I’m giving it to you, free. I’ve been attracted to the Muses for quite some time. I began writing little prayers to […]



How to Process Big Emotions

by Crystal Belle

How to Process Big Emotions 1. Get Big Paper. When thinking about how I would work through some of my emotions, they felt huge and overwhelming. The only way I could see to get them down was on a big sheet of paper. I use a big white craft roll and lots of markers, starting […]



The Search: Guest Post by Kerilyn Russo

by Crystal Belle

The post below is from Kerilyn Russo, who graciously offered to write for us here. I can relate to Kavanaugh’s poem- I think you will, too. -Belle The Search by Kerilyn Russo: I’d like to start with a deep and humble bow to the beautiful mama to be Belle for allowing me the opportunity to […]

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