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Creative Saboteurs

Hide & Seek

I love the names and descriptions Julia Cameron gives all the brands of creative saboteurs. In her book, Walking in this World: The Practical Art of Creativity, she names our creative saboteurs: Wet Blanket Matadors, Amateur Experts, Bad-News Fairies, Very Important People and Very Serious People. All have their trademark ways of, at the very least, making us second-guess ourselves- but the very good among them can derail entire creative projects.
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How To Take a Media Fast and Skyrocket Your Creativity

Writing in Greg's cafe, Mt Carmel, Haifa

Last week, while checking in with my creativity, returning to my Morning Pages, and getting real with myself, I realized I had become a media glutton.
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Fear is your Guide

World Map 1689 — No. 1

The opposite of fear is …

Peace? Courage? Bravery?

I believe you can have all of these and still be fearful.

Fear is with us often. We’re afraid of being bad parents, we’re afraid of living the crazy lives we dream of, we’re afraid of saying what’s on our minds- whether it be “I love you” or “this isn’t working for me.”

We’re afraid of exactly what we need to be doing.
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