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“Tell your stories. Your neighbors may not understand you, but they will understand your soul. Stories are the last bridge left to allow different cultures to communicate among each other.” -Paulo Coelho from his blog

For many reasons, we’re afraid to tell our own stories.
Maybe we believe people won’t believe us.
Maybe people haven’t believed us in the past.
Maybe it’s too good to be true.
Maybe it’s too bad to be true.
Maybe we think it’s boring, that no one will be interested.
Maybe we think it’s not important to talk about where we’ve been.

Some might tell us it’s not good to stay stuck in the past.

I couldn’t agree more. Did you know we inadvertently stay stuck in our past when we don’t tell our stories?
Telling our stories allows us to “own” them, and let them go.
When you tell your stories, you free them. When you keep them inside, you cage them inside you, causing discomfort for you both.

It’s an act of trust to yourself to tell the truth.

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Shero Interview: Julia Fehrenbacher

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The (s)hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for (wo)men to see by. - Felix Adler

Alia of Inner Bliss Blog shared with us of her sheroes- Julia Fehrenbacher of!

Alia writes:

From the moment I stumbled upon Julia’s blog, I knew she was a kindred spirit – a soul sister. She is the most beautiful embodiment of pure love and truth. She freely shares from her heart in everything she does. I am so blessed to be able to call her “friend.”

I had been to Julia’s site a few times and read her magnificent poetry. I admit I was more than a little in awe of her- she truly lives the presence and mindfulness that has become so important to me.

To my total delight, when I asked Julia if she would do an interview with me for the site, she said yes!

You’ll never guess what happened next.

I completely missed my appointment with her.

I was so embarrassed. I completely messed up. And she handled it with such grace and presence that I was not only lifted from my total embarrassment, but was privy to an incredible lesson in handling unexpected situations. Before I even got to talk to her, I was learning from her!

Right-click and save this file to your hard drive if you want to listen to it in your car. Otherwise, just click and you’ll be able to listen to Julia’s incredible advice to us all. (30 minute audio)

Thank you, Julia, for sharing your (rescheduled!) time with me and your wisdom with us all.

Interview with Shero Julia Fehrenbacher

How to Self-Evolve Through Problems, Challenges, Difficulties or Devastation:

Illustration Friday: Grow

“We do not encourage unnecessary starkness. Enjoy life while you are learning. All of the elements of your Self are created for the expression of Divine Love.” -Alan Cohen, The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

I’m so peaceful when I’m meditating. Often, I’ll feel a profound and encompassing peace that re-sets and re-energizes my spirit the way a good night’s sleep resets my body.

For perhaps an hour, I’ll be on the floating cloud of calm joyfulness. My emotional sea has nary a ripple. All is truly right with the world.

Then someone calls.

Or an email filters through my inbox.
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Longing for the Light

Sun Drenched

“In reality a darkness altogether different from natural night broods over the land. It is the psychic primal night which is the same today as it has been for countless millions of years. The longing for light is the longing for consciousness.” -C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

We live in a time of incredible light. I’m meeting more and more souls who are light-filled, present, loving, and conscious of the fact that they are souls having a human experience.

To me, it feels like the earth is flooded with the light of consciousness. I am drinking in all the resources, teaching, meditations that are available to us. But I suspect, just like a man who has been underground too long would squint at the tiniest light, that we’re only experiencing a candle-flicker of what is to come.

I welcome the sun.

Owning Your Creative Ideas

One thing that has really stuck with me from all my time studying The Artist’s Way, is something Julia Cameron says over and over, in many different ways: when you have an idea, a creative urge, a groundbreaking thought, a desire to see something else in the world- it is your responsibility to birth it.

The muses don’t give us creative urges just to see how fast we’ll reject them.

The Universe doesn’t speak through you just to have you sit in silence.

God/Goddess doesn’t inspire you just to have you ignore her.

In honoring my creativity and creative urges, I’ve learned that honoring them brings energy- energy to create, to finish what I’ve been given inspiration for, and new ideas and further energy. The whole creative process sometimes feels like a continuous charge of electricity from somewhere outside myself.

Strangely enough, when I reject a creative idea, I feel low, depressed, angry, and anxious. I am not myself. And the creative energy, seeing that I’ve rejected it, is a little less likely to bring me more ideas. It doesn’t like to be blatantly offended.

A few months ago, I had the thought of how wonderful it would be if there were a place on the web where I could find all the amazing women I love in one spot. If I could connect with other creative women, be inspired and encouraged, and be in a community of like-minded souls.

Then I remembered Julia’s teaching. It’s my job to bring this into the world.

And for a moment, it felt like a lot of work.

Instead of looking at it like a lot of work (and it will take some time to get everyone and everything on here that I hope to) I decided to just start. I needed to honor the creative urge.

I’m slowly getting better (and faster) at honoring my creative urges, and they’re coming more and more frequently.

If you are inspired to do something, you will have the energy, the resources, the know-how to make it happen.


All you have to do is start.


I’d love to hear what creative projects you’re putting off because you think they’re “too big”.

Remember: The idea came to you because it belongs to you.

Marry Your Soul

You Must Marry Your Soul - Rumi (

Soul Mates

We Are All Soul Mates -

How to Be Yourself



UBU. Pronounced “ooh-boo”, it means “You be you.”

I wish I could take credit for this phrase, but instead I will be forever grateful to the man who taught it to me. A man who unfortunately died years before his time, my ex-father-in-law, Jim, would throw out this little nugget of wisdom whenever I was questioning myself. When he knew me, I was incredibly unsettled spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and I can imagine he probably wanted to stamp this phrase across my forehead- but he wasn’t like that.

UBU has stayed with me as a personal mantra. I “UBU” when I feel like I might be compromising myself, expecting too much of my physical self, or just getting tired and frustrated. UBU means I’m allowed to be tired and frustrated, and therefore allowed to take a nap, scream a little, stomp my foot, or simply step outside and breathe.

This little badge stayed with me while I was creating this website. Strangely enough, I was terrified of creating it, for reasons that can only mean I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to and sometimes answering that call is scary.

Thanks to this badge, my header is colorful and swirly. UBU. I talk about my sheroes and my desire to create a place for women to be themselves. UBU. And here I am, sharing these three little letters with you, so maybe you can UBU, too.

If you UBU, put this badge on your blog and help another woman UBU too.


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