4 Steps to Changing Your Story

by Crystal Belle on November 16, 2014


“Is it true? Can you absolutely know that it’s true? How do you react when you believe that thought? Who would you be without the thought?” -Byron Katie

What stories are we telling ourselves? Recently I found myself telling the story that because I have two small children that I don’t have any time. I found all sorts of reasons why this was true: the baby only sleeps X number of hours, I can’t get anything done, trips out of the house take forever, etc… I love challenging my own stories when I catch myself telling one. When I think a thought that seems really limiting, frustrating, or negative, I think- is this true? I realized I was telling this story of having no time and therefore making it true! [Read more…]



Dealing with Change Like an Actress

by Crystal Belle on October 4, 2014


Change can challenge our egos, and it can challenge the egos of those around us, particularly those closest to us.

Change is this great cosmic ball of give-and-take. We want change that we think is good, we resist change that we think is bad. Yet our very wanting and hanging on is causing us the pain and suffering.
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June’s Beautiful Things

by Crystal Belle on June 22, 2014


Photos from my Instagram the last few weeks.

These days, I feel less like writing about how to live and more like being outside and living. If you feel overwhelmed, under-inspired, tired, frustrated, or just plain “off”, I recommend that you shut down your computer/phone and go outside. As a result of unplugging most of the time (I pretty much only open my laptop every other day or so for about 30 minutes now, though I’m on my phone quite a bit more) I’ve been: keeping a sketchbook and adding to it every day, painting, creating things in the forest (a handmade branch easel, a branch teepee for my daughter), crocheting, decorating, nesting- and my creative soul is soo happy. If it weren’t for the beautiful, enlightened souls who I love to connect with here, I’d be tempted to turn off the internet completely. :)

I’ve been keeping a list of things I’d love to share with you- last month, I sent it to my newsletter, but this month I’d like to make it a little less private so more people can enjoy.

  • For some Goddess inspiration one day I opened Leonie’s Creative Goddess ecourse and immersed myself in it’s gorgeous, hand-drawn and painted pages. I was struck by this line, “Every artwork you create has a story to tell you, a lesson to impart. I have learned not to give away or sell my creations until I have heard its story and learned what I need to from it.”

May you have a bubble-blessed, sunshiny day!




You Are the Hero

by Crystal Belle on March 1, 2014


“The important thing is to tell yourself a life story in which you, the hero, are primarily a problem solver rather than a helpless victim. This is well within your power, whatever fate might have dealt you.”
-Martha Beck


YOU are the hero. YOU are the one who slogs through the mud of day-to-day chores, appointments, meals and mess.

You are the one who responded to the call of this life (and we all fought the call at least a little, in the beginning) and what you are to do with it.
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Are you a Creative, Spiritual Woman?

by Crystal Belle on February 19, 2014


What is a Creative, Spiritual Woman? Here’s my take:

Creative: Creativity is one of the highest forms of intelligence. We create artistically, with words and canvasses and style and decor, but we also create families, homes, education, support, and income. We create energy where there wasn’t any. We dig deep and find a way to do what needs to be done. We find resources where there were none. We create comfort. We create homes, even if “home” is only our own arms.

Instead of blindly following the crowd or what’s been done before, we try other things. We follow different paths, we research different ways. We go against the grain not to be a rebel, but because we can see areas where going with the grain isn’t smart. We’re not afraid to stand alone, and we’re often surprised to find ourselves in good company. While we may deal with some forms of feeling like an outcast in normal society, we know you are sacrificing “fitting in” for following our souls, our intuition, and our higher Selves. [Read more…]



Your System for Success

by Crystal Belle on February 13, 2014

by mikaku

Here’s a secret: I used to think that if I just tried hard enough, I’d be successful in whatever I wanted to do. Then when I hit setbacks and couldn’t (or thought I couldn’t) move forward, I figured I just wasn’t trying hard enough. 

Then I learned (after lots of trial and error) that a lot of success is following a good system- either my own or someone else’s. That when setbacks come (and they always do, for many good and useful reasons) instead of getting off track and trying to solve all these new problems, I can put them in the system and keep going. Not that they don’t get taken care of- many things that come up do need to be addressed- but they don’t stop me in my tracks or derail my success. 

One of the biggest things that can upset success, for me, especially if I don’t have a system, is worry. 
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How I Visualize (Et tu?)

by Crystal Belle on February 8, 2014


In a previous post, Rose commented:

“Visualizing is a little more challenging to me –seeing that I have my dreams now. Maybe you can expand and help in that area.” -Rose

I’m going to talk a bit about my process, but I’d love to know how YOU visualize. Please share in the comments below! [Read more…]



How to Be Free from Annoying People

by Crystal Belle on February 5, 2014


We all have people in our lives who are really hard to be around. They challenge us, rub us the wrong way, put us on the defensive, and make us feel downright crappy.

But here’s the thing. I don’t like feeling crappy. I don’t like thinking negative thoughts about someone (especially when it feels “against my will” like I just can’t help it.) I don’t like being annoyed or frustrated without looking for the lesson in it and finding a reason to be transformed. In other words, I DO like looking for how I can change it and where I can grow. Even if it’s excruciating for my ego.

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Manifest Your Dreams in 3 Steps: How I Do It

by Crystal Belle on February 1, 2014

manifestI’ve done some awesome manifesting in my life. When I turned 18, I decided that since I no longer needed my parent’s permission, I could buy my own plane ticket, register for a visa in another country, and travel.

I had a one-track mind for five months. I worked three jobs and slept 5 hours a day (one of my jobs was 10pm-6am, the other 7am-3pm, and a third, once per week, 5pm-10pm) and devoted all my free time to getting a passport, visa, plane tickets, and everything else I would need. In mid-June, I stepped on the first plane I’d ever been in, and flew to Australia for a month. It was amazing.

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Over the last year I’ve been feeling pulled in many directions. My energy has felt stifled, blocked somewhere, and the few things that are really important to me to work on on a regular basis (CSW is one of them) were too often shoved to the back burner.

I was so frustrated, but I was also trying to stay mindful and just let things be as they were. I worked with what energy I had, letting myself be pulled in several directions and feeling a bit too scattered to do anything about it all.

Well, I’ve just had a HUGE release. I feel the energy pouring through me as I write this. I listened to my intuition and watched myself, which led me to release so much of the work I didn’t want to be doing. Below, I share with you what I did to make the change, and you can do it, too. It’s simple, but very powerful. Get a pen and have some fun :) [Read more…]