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How to Change Someone

How to Change Someone

I’ve had some of the most frustrating relationships known to man. I’ll admit to being in relationships where we screamed at each other, said petty, ugly things, walked out and slammed doors. Lost my cool so often I can’t honestly say I ever got back to “cool” before blowing it again.

Even now, that I have more mindful tools and years of personal work under my belt, I find myself in moments with others where I’m not being my best self- because they’re driving me crazy. Right? Well, at least that’s how it feels when it’s happening.

Did you know it’s possible to change absolutely anyone, so they stop driving you crazy? [click to continue…]


Peace is more than just a feeling. It's the mental and physical frequency where you'll find all your real power.- Martha Beck

When you’re out of peace, you’re out of power. When we take radical responsibility for our minds, our mindsets, and the way we are in the world, we are free.

Do you see? [click to continue…]


Who are you, really?

Let’s go deeper. Let’s unravel and shrug off the shoulds. The things we think we should be.

Let’s shrug off society’s heavy layers of compliance and conformity.

Let’s dive deep into our essential nature.

Let’s remember who we were inside, deep inside, when we were kids. When we’d get lost in play for hours. When we knew everything would be okay- because we didn’t yet know fear.

Let’s get back to who we really are.

Let’s do what our soul’s are longing to do.

Let’s find our Life’s Purpose- and live it however we want to- because there are no rules.

Join me?


lavender by taylorri40

Over the years, I’ve ignored my soul’s longing. I’ve struggled, listened to everyone else (even my best friends and dearest family members), and utterly convinced myself it was time to “grow up” and do “the right thing” which was always the opposite of what my soul wanted. What my life’s purpose was.

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5 Ways to Say Yes to Life on Creative Spiritual WomenDo you know how stressful the word “no” is? They’ve documented it:

“If I were to put you into an fMRI scanner—a huge donut-shaped magnet that can take a video of the neural changes happening in your brain—and flash the word “NO” for less than one second, you’d see a sudden release of dozens of stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters. These chemicals immediately interrupt the normal functioning of your brain, impairing logic, reason, language processing, and communication.

In fact, just seeing a list of negative words for a few seconds will make a highly anxious or depressed person feel worse, and the more you ruminate on them, the more you can actually damage key structures that regulate your memory, feelings, and emotions. You’ll disrupt your sleep, your appetite, and your ability to experience long-term happiness and satisfaction” [1]

A friend of mine has the habit of saying, “Say yes to to the no.” She explained that this is the way you can move through life without resistance and tightness- and after reading this study, I’m saying yes to this new phrase. Here’s how it works: [click to continue…]



I’m working on something to share with you that’s roughly titled, “Things I’ve Learned While Living In a 1-Bedroom Apartment With 2 Kids For A Year After Selling Our 2400 sq ft House” aka “Personal Space and the Loch Ness Monster: Will We Ever Find Them?” but really, it’s been great in a lot of ways.

Today, though, I want to tell you about my friend Kristie.  [click to continue…]


Creative Spiritual Women Best Week Ever

You know that the Keys to Unlock Your Potential are those precious little beauties called Questions. The right questions open you up like a treasure chest and unleash your best self, and the “wrong” questions will assume you’re a victim, like, “why did this happen to me?”

So let’s use questions proactively. Let’s find the best questions we can possibly ask.

How can I make this my best week ever? [click to continue…]


How to Use Jealousy to Your Advantage Creative Spiritual WomenAh, the familiar tinge of jealousy.

Here’s how I define it in my life: jealousy arises for me when I see something that I want, but don’t think I can have (for whatever reason.) For me, jealousy is not wishing the other person didn’t have it (I can’t recall the last time I actually felt that) but simply wishing that I could have the same thing, and thinking that I can’t.

I see something that I want and I think I can’t have it, or shouldn’t.

There’s a subtle message here. [click to continue…]


Creative Spiritual Women The Keys to Unlock Your Potential
We all have hidden treasure chests of potential inside us. I believe we feel it and connect with it when we see others living their potential, and we feel that familiar tug of inspiration or jealousy.

Many of us have no idea how to access or unlock that potential. We seek books, programs, resolutions, goals… all trying to figure out how to get the magic formula to make it work. [click to continue…]


Formula for Business Explosion John Demartini


This year, I’m focusing more on my Creative Spiritual business, because it’s time to make a difference in the world in a way that aligns with my soul’s purpose. I realized I had an excellent tool in my toolbox that I’d forgotten about-John Demartini’s book, “How To Make One Hell Of A Profit and Still Get In To Heaven“. In it, like a surprise gift, he included this 10-item “Formula for Business Explosion.” Of course, I had to share this with you- for all you Creative Spiritual Women who are also business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

– Know your business purpose and objectives.
– Organize your financial house.
– Focus on high priorities.
– Fill your mind with what you’d love and allow no idle time.
– Know your costs, set your fees, and stick to them.
– Continually raise your standards and fees.
– Organize your place of business so it’s clean, efficient, and beautiful.
– Throw away anything that doesn’t serve your priorities, and throw away anything you wear that doesn’t make you feel like a multimillionaire.
– Put your heart into your business.
– Treat your business with love.

DeMartini, John (2004-03-01). How To Make One Hell Of A Profit and Still Get In To Heaven (pp. 146-147). Hay House.

I particularly love “throw away anything you wear that doesn’t make you feel like a multimillionaire.” This isn’t something I’d thought of in relation to my business, but it makes sense to me right now. Which ones resonate with you?

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